The brand philosophy is perfectly summed up in its signature: “The United States of Belgium.”

Bshirt was born from a meeting of two worlds: a passion for the legendary T-shirts and sweatshirts of American universities in the 1970s and the creators’ deep attachment to Belgium and its symbols.

Belgium is a small country full of strong symbols that make up our identity: Brussels, the Atomium, the Manneken Pis, beer and then mussels, and then chips…

Why not shout loudly and clearly about these icons that are so close and that we hold so dear?

So we decided to recreate the T-shirts and sweatshirts of the 70s by adding a touch of our legendary Belgian culture, a lot of self-mockery and a hint of acidity.

All our clothing is handmade in Europe, with respect for people and the environment. We have always paid particular attention to the quality of our products, down to the tiniest details, to bring you a unique experience!

Join the Fries Community and walk the earth in style !

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